Pilates certification training


Certification of teachers in the method.

MB STUDIO PILATES offers certified training in the Authentique New York Pilates Genève method, based on the original exercises created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates and more than 14 years experience of QualiCert-certified Michaela Bendrihem.

This training will enable you to become a teacher of Pilates method. Quality and rigor are at the heart of this training program, which strives to preserve, transmit and perpetuate the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates. The method is approached and worked on as a global system including all the equipment specific to the method (Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels, Pedi Pole), as well as the Matwork and various complementary accessories, and offers you a range of over 1000 exercises.

The aim of the training is to qualify teachers to teach Pilates to people wishing to maintain their general physical condition through this method.

Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced practitioner of movement, therapy or Pilates, our modular learning plan and many years of practical experience will enable you to embark on this new career direction according to a precisely defined program. This continuing professional Pilates training course is spread over 18 to 24 months – depending on your availability, level and progress. Approximately 500 hours are divided between modules, personal training, observations and real-life practice. The emphasis is on total understanding of each exercise.

The content of the material taught and the movement sequences have been precisely designed to encourage a steady progression in learning. The modules are structured to allow appropriate, measured progress for novice instructors, while offering stimulating challenges for experienced instructors. It therefore enables fitness professionals to supplement their initial training.

All exercises are designed to be taught on the full range of Pilates studio equipment.
Pilates studio
or on a mat. They are easily practicable and taught in such a way that the student can understand and integrate the context of each exercise. Quality training and support will ensure that you have mastered the Pilates technique (Contrology) by the end of the course.

The full MB STUDIO PILATES instructor certificate is obtained by completing all modules and all required practice hours. A passing grade on all exams is required. At the end of the course, you will become a Pilates instructor and you’ll be in a position to provide high-quality, effective teaching adapted to the demands of today’s society, whether to individual customers or small groups, by developing a part-time or full-time business.

Pilates training: program content

Pilates method and history.

Repertoire theory and practice.

Knowledge and skills to guide the client through speech, proprioception, coaching and supervision.

Psychology: communication, listening to the customer, personalizing the course, taking into account the customer’s wishes and expectations, achieving defined objectives in a short space of time.

Device presentation and use.

Objectives and benefits of each movement.

Determining the customer’s needs and desires.

Basic technique and principles.

Knowledge and skills to modify an exercise according to specific needs.

Case studies: exercise teaching techniques.

Anatomical and physiological notions will be covered to better understand the effect of the exercises on all the muscles of the body and their benefits on the organism or various pathologies.

Information on the pilates certification course


10 to 20 Pilates sessions and basic knowledge of fundamental apparatus (Cadillac, Reformer) and matwork.


Based on a portfolio and an examination (oral interview and practical test: basic exercises to be performed on Cadillac and Reformer machines).

Course duration

A minimum of 500 hours (more depending on the candidate’s level).

Theory and practice

6 weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) of 3 days.


Every Tuesday afternoon following training weekend.


According to the studio schedule and throughout the week.

Personal training

According to the studio schedule and throughout the week.

Group practice

Twice a week at set times.

Further information

The workshops cover topics such as pedagogy, the pace of the course according to the client’s physical condition, and client safety during practice.

Workshops play a central role in the Pilates teacher trainingIt’s important to know when and how to modify the exercises, so as to enable the client to evolve in line with his or her physical condition, age and, above all, any pathologies. Pilates for pregnant women therefore requires specific skills on the part of the teacher, who must be able to offer exercises adapted to this situation. Michaela Bendrihem’s extensive experience and knowledge in this field, as well as her love of sharing and teaching, make the workshop component of the training extremely valuable.

Pilates for men - mb studio pilates


The hours of observation required (careful observation of the teachers’ work and, where appropriate, assistantship) are designed to enable the teaching of the method to be learned progressively, while ensuring that the different dimensions of each exercise are fully assimilated.


The student will be put in a teaching situation, as part of his or her Pilates certification training and under the supervision of the trainer, as soon as he or she has reached the basic level and a good technique for teaching the exercises.

Personal training

A high level of personal commitment is also required to assimilate the teaching and the various facets of the training. It’s essential to combine Pilates training with rigorous, ongoing personal training. This is essential for a good understanding and feel of each exercise. Training must be carried out on all devices in the system

Group practice

Group practice involves practicing in a group, comparing knowledge and getting into the teacher’s shoes.

Regular attendance will guarantee steady progress, solid acquisition of the required knowledge and good mastery of the system. It will enable us to achieve certification within a reasonable timeframe.


  • Intensive, demanding and caring training to help you gain in confidence and autonomy, to the great satisfaction of your future customers.
  • Support throughout the course
  • Periodic debriefings for rapid progress
  • Quick to put into practice
  • Opportunity to work at our center after graduation

Founder and trainer of the first Authentique New York Pilates school in Geneva

Pilates in Geneva, Switzerland - MB Studio Pilates

Michaela Bendrihem, a multiple graduate in both the United States and Switzerland, is recognized by her peers for her expertise, knowledge, skills, professionalism and rigor.

Michaela Bendrihem works closely with medical professionals: doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths. She is qualified to act on pathologies such as osteoarthritis, scoliosis, ankylosing spondylitis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylolisthesis, etc.

The training method proposed, Michaela Bendrihem’s perfect mastery of the Pilates method and her teaching skills make her the most qualified instructor for the Authentique New York training certification. Pilates Geneva.

The well-being and satisfaction of our customers are our top priorities. Demanding the highest standards of both herself and her students, she teaches Pilates with passion and attention to detail, to enable her students to fully assimilate this technique, which aims to develop a healthy mind in a healthy body. This long teaching experience is another guarantee of the quality of the training offered.

Finally, she is certified by QualiCert.

This Pilates course has been developed by MB STUDIO PILATES to meet the training and skills needs of the fitness industry: it includes pedagogy, safety, observation, movement training, as well as personal and group practice.

Would you like to become a Pilates teacher ? For more information on the Authentique New York Pilates Geneva Suisse training program and career development, please




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