The Pilates method for strengthening the perineum

March 29, 2017

The beauty secret of many a Hollywood star, the Pilates method has enjoyed worldwide success in recent years. More than just a fad, this physical activity is now part of serious rehabilitation programs such as perineal rehabilitation.

What is Pilates?

Pilates strengthens the deep muscles and makes the joints more flexible. Inspired by animal stretching, this sport discipline aims to improve balance and flexibility.

Pilate is accessible to men and women of all ages and fitness levels. It’s undeniably effective for building muscle in a targeted way, without pain or health hazards.

Pilates in practice

The Pilates method comprises 500 exercises, from the simplest to the most strenuous, all combining precise movement, deep breathing and concentration. Some exercises are performed on the floor, while others are done with accessories or on very specific machines.

This method targets the least-used muscles, relaxing tense ones and strengthening weak ones. The aim is to work the entire musculature, concentrating on specific muscle groups depending on the exercise.

From now on, we’ll better understand the benefits of this sport, by working on strengthening the perineum muscles.

Pilates and perineal rehabilitation

What is the perineum?

Also known as the pelvic floor, the perineum is a key muscle for both men and women. It supports the bladder and organs of the pelvis. Loose or untoned muscles inevitably lead to urine leakage. Its role in sexuality is rarely mentioned. Yet the perineum is a powerful orgasmic ally.

Pilates to strengthen the perineum

With regular Pilates exercises, it is possible to develop and strengthen the perineum in depth, thus limiting its relaxation, particularly during high-risk periods: overweight, stress, menopause, pregnancy, etc.

For example, the Swiss ball and the Pilates circle, two Pilates exercises performed with accessories, are highly effective for strengthening this muscle. The reformer, a machine as spectacular as it is effective, is also highly recommended for perineal rehabilitation exercises.

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