The benefits of Pilates for the feet

Keeping your feet healthy is important for your whole body. They’re the very foundation of the human skeleton, yet we don’t pay them enough attention, or even care, and yet our feet carry us through life. Their structure is like the foundation of a building, which means we have to preserve it to keep it stable and solid. This requires regular exercise to maintain healthy muscles, tendons and ligaments, to better support the foot’s skeleton.

Pilates classes for foot relief

Pilates is a training method that maintains the mobility of the feet by increasing stability and strengthening the ankles, as well as their flexibility. It also enables better alignment of the foot, starting with propulsion, and the correction of any weaknesses. In our Pilates classes, the focus is on strengthening and stretching the feet through a variety of exercises, either using specific machines or small equipment such as handkerchiefs, pencils or marbles. During Pilates classes, it is important to maintain perfect alignment. The core of the body, the deep muscles of the abdomen, are also called upon to create a space between the abdomen and the spine, allowing the rest of the body to move freely. Indirect benefits of footwork include stimulation of internal organs, improved blood circulation and better elimination of toxins.

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