The benefits of Pilates for athletes

Top-level athlete

Are you a confirmed sportsman? Do you practice your sport on a daily basis with the aim of improving your performance while pushing back your limits?

If so, then Pilates is exactly what you need.

World-famous athletes use Pilates for Athletes as part of their daily core training. For example:

Tennis: Andy Murray, Venus William

Cycling: Victoria Pendleton

Swimming: Dana Vollmer, Missy Franklin, Haley Anderson

Diving: David Boudia

Volleyball: Kerry Walsh-Jennings

Golf: Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam, Rich Beam

Wrestling: Jordon Burroughs

American soccer: Calvin Johnson, Nate Burleson, Brandin Cooks

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with pushing yourself to the limit and achieving lofty goals in your favorite sport, there is a risk of overloading your muscles, which can lead to injury. For example:

– Muscle tears

– Fatigue fractures

– Slamming

– Unbalanced posture, etc, etc.

Joseph Pilates was a well-known professional boxer and therefore a great sportsman. From an early age, he was aware of the importance of keeping his body in top shape. To this end, he has developed the Contrology training method(Pilates for athletes) to strengthen and soften the body in a comprehensive and effective way.

At MB Studio Pilates, we combine exercises on the floor and on apparatus. The machines enable you to assimilate movements more quickly, forcing the body to engage the entire musculature in full harmony. Floor work makes participants more aware of the good or bad habits they have acquired in relation to their sports training.

The Pilates method for athletes not only strengthens the abdominal and back muscles, but also helps improve performance through better breathing and improved distribution of effort to muscles that are usually less used. Hands and feet also benefit from these exercises, strengthening and increasing their resistance.

Depending on your sport, specific exercises will be taught to you from your very first class. We’ll improve repetitive movements to make them more efficient and less tiring by activating deep muscles, thus improving the body’s resistance to gravity.


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