Pilates: an ideal method for seniors

Over time, the need to maintain mobility, strength, flexibility, range of motion and balance increases.

Pilates for seniors is becoming increasingly popular. Of all the existing programs in this field, none compares in originality or effectiveness. This is why doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths recommend
to seniors as a regular treatment.

Pilates : Exercises for seniors

Pilates is highly adapted to the particular needs of seniors. With safe, effective exercises, it offers a pleasant, stimulating and beneficial way to get back into shape. It relieves age-related ailments such as backache, joint pain, osteoporosis, etc., and improves both the strength and mobility of the spine, helping to restore better posture and, as a result, more secure balance.

Here are just a few of the specific cases in which
Pilates classes
are effective: herniated discs, sciatica, osteoporosis, menopausal discomfort, rehabilitation after surgery (femoral neck, hip replacement, etc.).

As they age, seniors need to maintain their mobility, balance and flexibility. These are all needs that regular Pilates practice helps to meet.

The Pilates method enables you to perform movements gently and without strain. Seniors can work on muscle tone, balance and posture. Pilates classes in Geneva must be taken with a qualified

As the elderly are more likely to fall and injure themselves, this can lead to back and joint blockages. The presence of our professional instructor will help to ensure that the elderly person’s movements are carried out correctly, to catch a fall or to avoid any risk of injury.

MB Studio Pilates
offers a varied Pilates method and a progressive program of gentle exercises suitable for all (men, women, athletes, seniors, children, pregnant women…). What are you waiting for? Come to MB Studio Pilates and discover Pilates!

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