Pilates: an effective method for menopause

Pilates classes in Geneva not only strengthen abdominal and back muscles, but also improve posture and breathing.

By practicing
Pilates method
method, scoliosis can be relieved and its progression slowed down.

Pilates classes work on spinal strength and flexibility, to correct poor posture. Pilates helps you change the way you stand and position yourself in everyday life: walking, carrying bags.


Scoliosis: the benefits of Pilates classes

There are several basic strategies for achieving this. These include :

  • lengthen the body’s midline, reducing the risk of developing the kyphosis or lordosis associated with scoliosis.
  • visually develop symmetry around the central line (spine) and better situate body parts, aided by the hands of a Pilates teacher.
  • Use your body’s sensitivity to develop symmetry along the central line, and thus recognize the difference between the two sides during an exercise or movement. If an exercise highlights one side as being weaker than the other, then the corrective effort will focus on that side. Similarly, if a stretch shows greater stiffness on one side, stretching exercises will aim to strengthen the weakened part.
  • Rotational breathing and dorsal breathing. Breathing is taught through the concave (non-gibbous) side of the scoliosis.

Don’t wait any longer! Come and wake up your muscles by discovering a dynamic, joyful and friendly Pilates class led by a
instructor in Geneva.

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