The benefits of Pilates for men

Joseph Pilates was an athletic man who arrived in New York with a very specific goal in mind: to share his knowledge with athletes, at first mainly boxers. He taught them his Pilates method to help them gain flexibility, strength and control over their bodies.

Since then, this field of physical training has been dominated by women, both as instructors and as practitioners. Potential males show a certain reserve when they see that Pilates course advertisements, videos or blogs feature almost exclusively women. That’s why men seem to be turning away from Pilates, although we’re currently witnessing a certain reversal in male convictions.

A man doesn’t have to be flexible or particularly strong to start a Pilates program. In the movements of everyday life, certain muscles are called upon more than others. When starting Pilates for men, special attention is paid to muscles that have been neglected in the past. In general, men who workout regularly need to work more on their flexibility than their strength. But there are also some of them which will need to strengthen their whole body. Gaining flexibility prevents injury and increases range of motion.

To optimize training results, it’s important to work the deep muscles, keep the spine and body elongated, learn to breathe correctly and allow the body to release unnecessary tension.

Flexibility, balance, uniform development and efficient movement are the hallmarks of Pilates training for men offered by our Pilates studio, MB Studio Pilates.

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