Pilates : An ideal activity for pregnant women

During pregnancy, the body changes, the center of gravity shifts and the organism undergoes physiological modifications. To help her adapt to these changes, it’s essential to take part in a suitable sporting activity. Pre-natal Pilates is the most suitable method for pregnant women. It tones and strengthens the body in complete safety, and prepares you for childbirth. Pregnant women can improve their posture and tone up by focusing on their abdominal muscles, pelvis and perineum. Pilates exercises and
Pilates classes
exercises and classes during pregnancy also strengthen the back muscles, glutes, legs and arms, allowing the chest to open up, thus avoiding closed shoulders. In addition
is an excellent anti-stress technique that improves breathing and promotes good sleep. Throughout the pregnancy, specific and varied exercises are provided, evolving over time according to the needs of the participants.

Benefits of Pilates for pregnant women

The benefits of prenatal Pilates are felt not only during pregnancy, but also during childbirth, confirming Pilates as an excellent method of childbirth preparation. During the following months, special attention is paid to the mother, through exercises on :

  • perineal work
  • strengthening the abdominal muscles
  • mobility of the spine
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • restoration of pelvic symmetry
  • freedom of shoulders and ribcage (after carrying the child)
  • neck and upper back work
  • advice on managing basic daily gestures with your child

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