The benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a complete training technique, from both a health and aesthetic point of view. Pilates, for example, helps to remedy a backache, a muscular injury or to refine a silhouette. A range of exercises will help you learn, or re-learn, how to find an optimal posture through self-growth.

Many people think of Pilates as a gentle gym, when in fact Pilates is a physical activity requiring sustained effort, as the following description shows:

  • trains the whole body
  • engages the entire musculature
  • helps you acquire good posture and a toned body (a healthy, supple and muscular back, shapely legs, firm buttocks, a flat stomach and toned arms).
  • improves flexibility and balance
  • helps manage stress
  • strengthens abdominal muscles for a flat stomach
  • strengthens the entire muscular chain
  • reduces or eliminates back pain
  • protects against repeat injuries
  • improves concentration
  • helps relieve osteoporosis
  • helps prevent sports injuries
  • helps manage the menopause period

Pilates classes: an effective method!

In our Pilates studio in Geneva, Switzerland, enjoy exercises specially designed for the Pilates method, with deep and long-lasting effects.

Increase flexibility, muscle strength and strengthen joints.

Promote good posture by correcting body alignment (particularly in the spine) and improving coordination and balance.

Stimulate the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Lengthen and strengthen the body, thanks to eccentric work which strengthens muscles by lengthening and refining them.

Facilitate the correction of certain musculoskeletal disorders.

Eliminate stress and stress-related disorders through individual care and sustained concentration.

Pilates requires discipline and concentration. The participant must be prepared to put in a great deal of effort, both physically and mentally.

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