The benefits of Pilates classes

March 21, 2018

There’s something for everyone in Pilates. Which is just as well, since it’s a gentle gym method that targets deep muscles to develop the body harmoniously, rectify bad posture and restore physical vitality.

Discover the many benefits of the Pilates method, with MB Studio Pilates, the specialist in Pilates classes in Geneva.

Improved posture:

The movements performed during Pilates classes help to correct posture and muscular imbalances that may be linked to sporting activities or poor posture in everyday life. Pilates primarily targets the abdominal and back muscles to correct, straighten and realign the spine.

Reduce back pain

For back pain sufferers, Pilates helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles, thus relieving the strain on the lumbar muscles. Practicing Pilates will help increase and improve the mobility of your spine to prevent back and lumbar pain.

Combating stress

Stress is a major source not only of tension in the body, but also of psycho-somatic illnesses whose symptoms are often embarrassing and sometimes really painful. Breathing is an essential part of the Pilates method. Gentle inhalation and exhalation movements help to relax and eliminate all the tension accumulated in the body.

Improve flexibility

The Pilates method is proving highly effective in combating the rigidity of the body that increases with age. It’s based on movements that develop flexibility and lengthen muscles. Regular practice of Pilates movements allows the body’s muscles to lengthen and gain flexibility from class to class.

Enjoy better sleep

Sleep is extremely important for a good quality of life. The Pilates method gently stretches and relaxes the muscles. This helps to relieve stress and tension in the body, while eliminating associated aches and pains.

Protection against osteoporosis

Pilates classes help protect against the effects of osteoporosis, which weakens bones and increases the risk of fracture, particularly of the femoral neck, wrists and spine. Pilates exercises not only strengthen the body’s structure (muscles and bones), but also improve balance, helping to prevent the risk of falls.

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