Suffering from osteoporosis (aged 44), Michaela’s classes enabled me to develop my deep muscle mass and my entire structure. I feel the benefits every day in my daily life (especially on public transport, where I dare to stand!).
I haven’t had any back pain for a year and I haven’t been to my osteopath! Amazing results!

It was a great opportunity to share a moment of fitness with my wife, but also to better control a 325 kg motorcycle at low speed without fatigue by better understanding the muscles that need to be put into action!

Both of us:
Take a course with Michaela and you’ll be sure to..:
And kindness!


I was already a fan of Pilates when I met Michaela 2 years ago… I’ve become an unconditional fan. In addition to the already well-known and quickly perceptible effects on posture, deep muscle strengthening and breathing, my classes with Michaela have enabled me to rediscover my body, its weaknesses as well as its strengths, and to make the most of them in everyday life – whether during sports activities or long periods at the office. The result is a real sense of well-being that I couldn’t live without. Michaela is a subtle blend of gentleness and firmness, intelligence and intuition, flexibility and determination.

I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Stéphanie, economic strategist


I really appreciate your approach, not only to Pilates, but also as a human being. It’s rare to find someone who’s so passionate about what they do, and who goes to so much trouble to help their customers progress, feel confident during the exercises, and feel better.

Every time I leave your house, I feel so much better, younger, more flexible, taller. In just a few sessions, the “buffalo hump” in my cervical spine has already diminished, and I’m becoming aware of a whole host of muscles that I haven’t had to use very often in my life, even though I’ve done so much sport!

Thank you for the quality of your work, and your kindness!

Marie, 56, photographer


What I like about Michaela are her skills, her well-located and very well-equipped studio and her cleanliness.

Her skills: she varies the exercises so that I never get bored. She gives me sound advice on my breathing, posture and lifestyle, without ever being intrusive. In six months, I’ve seen a marked improvement. For example, she recommended that I wear shoes with such a thin sole that I walk everywhere as if barefoot. This restores to the feet the perceptions suppressed by standard footwear.

The studio: located in a quiet inner courtyard, close to streetcar line 12 and bus 21 (Amandolier stop), so there’s no need to take your car, as the north-south and east-west TPG routes are very well served. Pilates involves a whole series of devices developed by its creator, which make it possible to work other muscles that we never use, and that’s important. I don’t think many studios are so well equipped.

Cleanliness: in a place where many sweaty people pass by every day, it’s important to maintain absolute cleanliness. After each session, Michaela takes care to clean the equipment before welcoming the next Pilates disciple(s). And never forget to offer us a bottle of water at the end.

Many thanks and congratulations to Michaela, to whom I wish every success.

Bob (76)


My husband came home yesterday walking briskly, with his back straight, and climbed stairs in a way I hadn’t seen him do since February 🙂

He was expecting the obvious benefits of the Pilates work with Michaela to fade quickly, and to wake up much stiffer again, with aches and pains all over, but… this morning he got up in good shape, and was immediately able to walk properly.

As a result, our spirits were lifted immediately, and we were able to go for a walk in the mountains today. THANK YOU!

Thank you, once again, for your kindness, the clarity of your explanations and the quality of your courses.

Marie, 56, photographer


Thanks to Michaela, I learned and progressed very quickly thanks to her comprehensive and fun teaching.

I noticed the results very quickly: better posture, a toned body and less back pain.

I can’t recommend MB Studio Pilates enough!

Blanche, 24, junior project manager


MB Pilates is a gem in Geneva.

Professional, skillful and highly trained, Michaela Bendrihem is excellent at listening to her clients and helping them achieve their goals efficiently and safely.

I came to her with chronic hip pain and limited flexibility. Thanks to her expert understanding of how the body works and masterly guidance in Pilates, I am now pain-free and have regained great flexibility in my lower back.

She is committed to her clients, their health and well-being.

Inspiring, and fun to work with, Michaela will definitely help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Mary Jo Pokorski, 34, Meditation Teacher


“Welcoming and pleasant setting. Passionate and professional instructor. Would recommend.”

Michael, 35, financier


I’ve been practicing Pilates twice a week for 3 years at MB Studio Pilates. I’m very satisfied with the quality of Michaela’s lessons and her attentiveness, as well as the comfort and cleanliness of the premises. Since I’ve been practising Pilates regularly, I no longer have any pain (back, neck, shoulders), I feel lighter in my movements and at ease throughout my body.

I really appreciate Michaela’s skill in varying the exercises for a better result while making the course more fun.

Long live MB Studio Pilates!

Martine, 63, dietician


MB Studio Pilates is a very pleasant place for relaxation and well-being. It’s clean, airy and bright, and Michaela, the driver, is absolutely competent, professional, attentive and always smiling.

Mirka, (57)


Having suffered from severe osteoarthritis for many years, Pilates sessions have significantly improved my back posture and general mobility. This improvement was noted by my rheumatologist. After each session, I notice a significant strengthening of my back muscles and a general feeling of well-being. The pain of osteoarthritis is almost a distant memory.

Michaela’s courses are of the highest quality, both in terms of her professionalism and her personal involvement. She pays close attention to the exercises, and has a positive attitude, providing encouragement throughout the sessions.

Pilates sessions have become an indispensable part of my life.

Monique, aged 69

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