Pilates studio in Geneva

Are you looking for a Pilates studio in Geneva to improve your general health and reconcile body and mind? Opt for the expertise of MB Studio Pilates, a warm and private space whose ambition is to create a quality fitness environment worthy of your expectations.

MB Studio Pilates is located in the heart of Geneva, in the Eaux-Vives district, a stone’s throw from the Eaux-Vives train station.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a program specifically designed to rebalance the musculature, focusing on the core muscles involved in balancing and maintaining the spine. Exercises and equipment are used to strengthen weakened muscles and relax over-stretched ones, while taking into account the rhythm of breathing when executing movements, the correct alignment of the spine and the maintenance of good general posture.

Our Pilates studio is fully equipped with Pilates apparatus such as Cadillacs, Reformers, Wunda Chairs, Spine Correctors, Small Barrel, Ladder Barrel, Pedi Pole, Foot Corrector, Neck Stretcher, Toe Exerciser, Push-Up Devices and small equipment (ball, magic circle, foam roller…), to offer you even more possibilities for development in an optimal work environment.

The benefits of Pilates

  1. Activate deep muscles
  2. Develop breathing capacity
  3. Harmonize overall musculature
  4. Correct posture
  5. Improving coordination
  6. Strengthening balance

Pilates is suitable for everyone:

Try our Pilates classes, and you’ll soon feel the difference! MB Studio Pilates, your Pilates studio in Geneva, welcomes you in an ultra-modern space where professionalism and conviviality go hand in hand.

Small bottles of water and towels are available in our Pilates studio!

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