Pilates method

Pilates is all about maintaining or regaining physical and mental health, by improving self-control, balance, flexibility and agility.

To ensure its success, Pilates must be practiced regularly. Among other things, it emphasizes breathing, through which the whole body works. Energy is thus distributed intelligently, with the trunk being the strong point that directs the rest of our body: head, arms and legs. As we perform each exercise, we take care to control the intensity of our commitment and our alignment, while respecting our body’s capacity to discover almost limitless possibilities for movement.

The Pilates method includes a huge number of exercises and options, which can be adapted to the specific needs of each individual. The intensity of the exercises can be increased over time, with a view to achieving new goals and progressing towards a better quality of life.

The Pilates method differs from other fitness practices in its verbal and tactile approach. There’s no imitation of the teacher, only the feeling, the body-mind connection, intuition and thought, guiding us in our training to explore our potential ever more fully.

Pilates breathing involves, among other things, three important muscles or sets of muscles: the transversus abdominis, the diaphragm and the pelvic floor. The ideal belt to support your back and maintain good posture therefore depends on the overall work of these three muscles, or set of muscles. All these deep muscles will never make you feel sore or achy, unlike superficial muscles, because these deep muscles work tirelessly to keep you upright and straight. This deep musculature doesn’t create direction, it accompanies our movements, enabling our body to maintain an upright, stable posture. It is therefore called THE STABILIZERS.

MB Studio Pilates, the specialist in Pilates classes in Geneva, offers you personalized supervision and follow-up by experienced teachers. You’ll receive comprehensive training to master the various Pilates exercises performed on a mat on the floor, with or without accessories and on apparatus.

Our Pilates Studio welcomes you in a modern, friendly and welcoming space, located in the Eaux-Vives district, in the heart of Geneva, close to tramway number 12.

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