Pilates to combat osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is characterized by a loss of bone strength that predisposes to fractures. In most cases, bones become brittle due to a lack of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. Osteoporosis makes bones more porous and more likely to fracture in the event of an ordinary fall that, under normal circumstances, would have had no consequences. It’s not a disease, but a natural process linked, more often than not, to aging. In the majority of cases, osteoporosis appears in people aged 65 and over, but it can occur earlier.

Pilates : Exercises for Osteoporosis

Studies show that physical exercise is good for your bones throughout your life. We recommend at least 3 hours of activity per week. Pilates classes are also involved in the loading of the various machines. Exercises not only strengthen the body’s structure (muscles and bones), but also improve balance, helping to prevent the risk of falling. Exercises requiring spinal rotation or flexion are therefore banned. The set of exercises can be modified and thus adapted according to the grades of osteoporosis.

The Pilates method for osteoporosis is safe for people living with the disease. Regular physical training strengthens muscles and bones to combat the risk of osteoporosis-related accidents.

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