Studio Pilates philosophy

Pilates is probably the most effective system I know of for helping my clients assimilate this technique for developing a strong, healthy body. I teach them with rigorous rules, discipline and attention to detail. During the execution of an exercise, I make them pay attention to every movement, I direct them, I follow them down to the last detail. I make them understand that the more they give of themselves, while also relying on their mental strength, the more they will be able to progress towards a better well-being, which is ultimately the goal.

In my teaching, I always link Pilates sessions to everyday life, because the success of the method depends on this. When Pilates enthusiasts in Geneva learn more about themselves, they discover that their bodies can rapidly evolve towards a harmonious line. It’s a great pleasure for me to be able to witness this process and the results achieved by my customers, who in turn also embrace this philosophical approach to the mind-body connection.

Our Pilates philosophy!

When people come to me, I understand that they’re hoping to get rid of their pain, or even their discomfort, and want to feel better. But because Pilates is so much more than just exercise, they don’t expect the intensity of the commitment they’ll be asked to make. As soon as their bodies start to respond and their daily activities become easier, my clients discover that Pilates classes are a necessary part of their lives.

Well-mastered groundwork, both mentally and in terms of sheer sweat, indicates that you’ve managed to tame the Pilates and that the process of constantly pushing one’s limits has begun, like a perpetual motion, which is how I see my own life.

Looking for a Pilates class in Geneva? MB Studio Pilates is the place for you! Our Pilates studio is a combination of a spacious, quiet place to work, quality equipment and passionate teachers trained in the original method. Contact us for more information and to schedule your session.

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