Pilates: an effective method for menopause

Menopause is both an anxious and an exciting and challenging time in a woman’s life. It’s a time of physical, emotional and even spiritual change.

The Pilates training technique can help women through this complex transition in their lives, offering them a specific program to help them cope with these changes and the symptoms associated with them.

Our Pilates classes in Geneva are designed to influence the way you stand, move and eliminate bad postural habits. Thanks to our Pilates exercises, muscles lengthen and gain tone, muscular resistance increases, abdominal and lumbar muscles strengthen and blood circulation improves.

Take advantage of an excellent solution for building muscle mass and flexibility during menopause.

The benefits of Pilates during menopause

Our Pilates classes in Geneva include strengthening training (for bone health), cardiovascular work (for hormonal balance and to combat weight gain), balance exercises, but above all, stretching, relaxation and breathing exercises to reduce stress, facilitate lymphatic drainage and promote relaxation.

Pilates tones and stretches deep muscles, loosens joints and maintains the spine.

Pilates is therefore a formidable and comprehensive tool for achieving these goals, and keeping women active, toned and healthy.

your Pilates classes at MB Studio Pilates!

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