General terms and conditions


1) Clothing

Comfortable clothing is recommended. For reasons of hygiene, socks are compulsory in both summer and winter. If required, a towel can be provided by the studio.

2) Package validity

Courses are payable in advance.
Subscriptions for 10 lessons are valid for 4 months from the date of the 1st lesson. After 4 months from the 1st lesson, remaining lessons will be considered lost and non-refundable (except in exceptional circumstances).
All subscriptions purchased are non-refundable. All subscription cancellations are at the customer’s expense. However, if the customer is no longer able to engage in physical activity during the course of the package, it will be possible to transfer the package to a third party.

3) Course cancellation

For the smooth running of MB Studio Pilates’ schedule, cancellations or postponements must be announced at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time, whatever the reason for the cancellation. Within 24 hours, the session is due.

4) Price list

According to prices in force at the time of subscription.

5) Duo courses

This course can be mixed.

If your partner cancels less than 24 hours in advance, his or her lesson will be deducted from the package, and you will benefit from a private lesson at the price of a duo lesson.

6) Duo and trio courses

These courses are mixed. They are scheduled at fixed days and times. An appointment is therefore essential. A minimum of 2 people must be registered for the course to run. In other words, if a class is subject to 2 early cancellations and only one person is present, MB Studio Pilates is obliged to cancel the class of the customer who is alone.

7) Delays

Unfortunately, late arrivals cannot be made up so as not to interfere with subsequent lessons. (e.g. if someone arrives 10 minutes late, their lesson will be reduced by the same amount).

8) Damage and incidents

MB Studio Pilates cannot be held responsible for damages of any kind – material, immaterial or physical – which could result from not following the safety advice in the context of the services provided by MB Studio Pilates.

Thank you for your understanding

MB Studio Pilates

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