Pilates : Keeping children in good posture

“Sit up straight, straighten your back, stop slouching in your seat ….” Refrains often heard by children. Pilates pays particular attention to the back, especially in children. It teaches them to stand better, and to correct bad posture, from the age of 6.

The child will first become aware of his or her posture, and acquire the right reflexes to improve it. The exercises are fun and easy to do. Depending on the child’s age, it’s possible to correct bad habits to relieve, or even eliminate, simple back pain. From age 6 upwards, the focus is on postural balance itself. For their age, they have big muscles and deep abs. The session can be held with or without a parent present.

Pilates for kids

It’s worth remembering that
is a suitable activity for children, as the exercises are performed gently, gradually mobilizing the different parts of the body. This contributes to the child’s physical and mental development. Classes take place on the Matwork floor, with or without small equipment such as balls, elastics or rollers, which are used to make the sessions more varied, fun and playful.

Fun and easy to perform, Pilates
Pilates classes
classes help children relax, tone their muscles and improve coordination and concentration.

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in a child, it’s best to opt for individual sessions, which enable in-depth work on tension points. Pilates promotes harmonious development of the body. At the end of each session, precise recommendations on certain postures are given to the child.

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